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S.P. Coach

The day before the course was full of fear and I thought “What horrible thing am I going to do?” I was fearful and I was not feeling secure about what was going to happen. But then I thought about you, Macarena, and you had told me that I must not think of fear but participate with curiosity and that I would not be obliged to do anything I did not want to do. During the course I was ready not to do the exercises since they appeared to me (excuse me …) a little crazy. But throughout the course we had a type of dialogue with each other and the will to change and to do something to break with our limiting beliefs. It is so strong that it made me do everything with an internal energy and belief in myself which I never thought I had! At the end of the day I thought myself to be a superwoman! Each time that I think about what I did in your course, I feel full of energy and super- positiveness: if I managed to do all that with all that I really want! I felt much more confident and today, weeks after the course, I continue to feel the same! The course was very well designed, the exercises very successful and the coach brilliant given that to have 25 participants of different nationalities is not easy but it was done with professionalism and with an incredible positive energy. I was also charmed by the group – very interesting and very amusing!.

Social and emotional intelligence Firewalking Professional certified coach