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“If you identify and overcome thoughts which generate insecurity and fear
what will you be capable of achieving?”




“BEYOND YOUR EXPECTATIONS: DISCOVER THAT ALL YOU NEED IS INSIDE YOU”. A seminar out of the common that really helps you overcome your fears and limiting beliefs and become aware that all you need is inside you

If you are someone that has ever thought about one of these questions, this seminar is designed for you:

  • What do I really want to improve in my life?
  • What is happening to me so that I do not manage to change what I want?
  • How can I overcome the fears I have?
  • Is it possible to change my way of thinking and acting?
  • How can I believe more in myself?
  • What resources and qualities do I have that can help me achieve what I want?
  • What does ‘Everything is inside me” mean and how can I use it?
  • How can I determine an objective and a plan that will keep me motivated?

Based on the principles of Tolly Burkan, founder of the FIREWALKING INSTITUTE, this seminar will make you live through experiences with a high impact and feel that you can reach any goal, overcome your fears and transform your limiting beliefs into positives ones.

Why these techniques? When you discover the secret of walking on fire without burning, breaking a plank without harm and so on, you understand the secret that ‘everything we need is inside us” and this gives you the inner force necessary to confront any change in the personal and professional fields.

The key is in thoughts and how they condition behaviour. New thoughts generate a change in the chemistry of the brain and from that so many new cerebral circuits which make the individual act differently. People who achieve this do not have higher than average skills; they simply know how to manage their mental attitude and their fears adequately.


The seminar will put you in situations that you have never experienced from which you will learn to:

  • Identify the areas of your life (time, work, friendships, health, leisure time, etc) which you would like to improve.
  • Be aware that self-confidence is fundamental to achieve what you want.
  • Recognize the thoughts which are impeding you from advancing, reject them and create a new way of thinking which opens up new possibilities.
  • Know the value of living life in the present to install new thoughts.
  • Focus on your true force, recognizing and discovering all your resources and qualities.
  • Establish a motivating objective and a plan of action necessary for it.

You will pass from doubt to certainty that “everything is inside you” and that it only depends on you to use this huge talent and direct it towards where you want to be.

This big learning process is undertaken in an exceptional context with other participants who have the same aspirations and worries and with a team whose objective is to make each person feel absolutely unique throughout the process.

On the other hand, the other components are: entertainments, games, sharing and celebrating each step that participants take.

The seminar is designed in such a manner that each person decides whether to share their experiences with the other participants.


A team full of energy and motivation so the participants achieve their predetermined objectives.

As a trainer, Macarena Ybarra Coello de Portugal, is a person absolutely convinced that “Everything that we need is inside us” and makes her profession a personal mission to transit this belief. Her enthusiasm, energy, joy and availability make each participant feel unique at the same time as the team achieves its global objectives. Macarena is a Coach accredited by the European Institutions, certified as a Coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF), a certified coach in Social and Emotional Intelligence, a Master in Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP); a graduate in the Silva Method and an Instructor in Firewalking (see her CV).

As assistants, Macarena always counts on another Firewalking Instructor when the technique of walking on hot coals is used and other professionals according to the course content foreseen to ensure the seminar will be a total success.


The seminar can last between 4 and 11 hours depending on the group and its needs;

If you would like more information about costs, please mail info@edpcoaching.com. The cost of the workshops includes:

  • 10/11 hours of intensive seminar.
  • An hour of Individual Coaching once the seminar is concluded so that each person knows how to maintain the energy required himself.
  • All the course materials.
  • Lunch and coffee breaks.
  • Unfortunately, the VAT.


The workshop takes place in a venue where as well as the distance from the environment we are used to, it also provides you with a very agreeable and relaxed environment to spend an intensive day full of emotions and experiences which you will not forget.

The only thing necessary is to wear comfortable clothes and bring a tremendous will to overcome yours limits.

Social and emotional intelligence Firewalking Professional certified coach