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“If you identify and overcome thoughts which generate insecurity and fear
what will you be capable of achieving?”




Firewalking and other high impact techniques such as walking on hot coals or broken glass, breaking planks or arrows are used today in corporate and team-building seminars as an exercise to achieve and maintain high level of efficiency in all its professionals. These seminars are focused on motivating and inspiring employees as well as middle and upper management, thus creating a more productive work environment for all.

Many of the world’s leading CEOs have embraced the immense power of the firewalk. And your organisation?
Based on the principles of Tolly Burkan, founder of the Firewalking Institute, these seminars teach high impact techniques which make participants and teams feel that they can reach any goal, overcome fears and transform limiting beliefs into positive ones.

Why these techniques? When you discover the secret of walking on fire without burning, breaking a plank without harm and so on, you understand the secret that ‘All we need is inside us” and convince yourself you have the inner power necessary to confront any change in the personal and professional field.

The key is in thoughts and how they condition behaviour. A change in thoughts generates a change in the chemistry of the brain and from that so many new cerebral circuits which make the individual act differently. People who achieve this do not have higher than average skills, they simply know how to work adequately on their mental attitude and manage their fears.

EDP-COACHING designs a programme completely adapted to the clients’ needs to fulfil their objectives and create lasting impact through bonding, mutual support, increased focus, empowerment of leadership, overcome participant’s limits or become more self-confident in their daily working life.

The seminars combine a mixture of high impact techniques (in groups and individuals) with the tools of Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP), Social and Emotional Intelligence (S+EI) and Relaxation Methods, all which are oriented so that the participants modify their mental paradigms and their limiting beliefs in order to create a new way of thinking which opens up new possibilities and the inner force to achieve a change. (Click here to see document summarizing the high impact techniques both for groups and individuals which can be used in a seminar).

The final objective of these seminars is reflect on and find answer to the following questions:

  • What are the keys to success in the work of any high performance team/manager/employee?
  • What is the actual situation in which the team, manager or employees find themselves?
  • What are the individual or group objectives?
  • What impedes the achievement of these objectives?
  • What resources do the participants have in order to reach their objectives?
  • How to succeed in reaching these objectives in a motivating way and in a time determined individually or as a team?

Finally, if the people and organisation can identify and override the ‘masters’ of thoughts which are generating insecurity and holding them back, what will they be capable of doing individually or as a team?


  • TEAMS that want to reinforce their capacities and create a good and healthy environment with the following objectives: Team Building; Team Coaching; Advanced Goal Setting; Eliminating Limiting Beliefs; Breaking through Fear; Overcoming Obstacles and Barriers; The Power of Focus.
  • MANAGERS that want to reinforce their leadership capacities and break limiting beliefs concerning their role, resources, team, challenges, the current situation that the company may face, etc.
  • GENERAL STAFF seminars where each individual will learn how to overcome their limiting beliefs to reach their professional objectives.


What will be the benefits for your company or institution if the employees:

  • Become aware that self-confidence is essential to reach their own professional objectives;
  • Identify what are their limiting beliefs concerning their professional life that are preventing them from advancing;
  • Install new positive thoughts that impel them to decide the best professional objectives;
  • Discover their resources and qualities and,
  • Finally design an enjoyable plan to reach their objectives.

Participants will pass from doubt to certainty that “All they need is inside them” and that it only depends on them to use this huge talent and direct it towards where they want to be. This big learning process is undertaken in an exceptional context with other participants who have the same aspirations and worries and with a team whose objective is to make each person feel absolutely unique throughout the process. The other components of the seminar are: entertainment and group exercises, sharing and celebrating each step that participants undertake.


  • To strengthen the Institution’s values and bottom line.
  • To foster the feeling of belonging to the team and the organisation.
  • To increase focus and productivity.
  • To improve communication and create a healthy environment
  • To increase team and managers’ self-awareness concerning their own barriers, resources and the different options in order to work better.
  • To enhance team and managers’ competencies.
  • To directly benefit the Institution since it is the team or managers that improve their performance, increase their potential, solve their problems, restore a system of communication, and learn a new system of joint responsibility for work for the future.


The seminar will take between 4 to 10 hours of effective work depending on the client’s needs, including a mix of high impact techniques, individual and group work, entertainment, games, sharing and celebrating each step participants undertake.
Please, send a mail to info@edpcoaching.com to have more information about the seminars costs.


A team full of energy and motivation so the participants achieve their predetermined objectives.

As a trainer, Macarena Ybarra Coello de Portugal, is a person absolutely convinced that “All that we need is inside us” and makes her profession a personal mission to transit this belief. Her enthusiasm, energy, joy and availability make each participant feel unique at the same time as the team achieves its global objectives. Macarena is a Coach accredited by the European Institutions, certified as a Coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF), a certified coach in Social and Emotional Intelligence, a Master in Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP); a graduate in the Silva Method and Instructor in Firewalking (see her CV).

As assistants, Macarena always counts on another Firewalking Instructor when the technique of walking on hot coals is used and other professionals according to the course content foreseen to ensure the seminar will be a total success.


EDP-COACHING can provide different places to undertake the event or to organize it at the premises or place chosen by the client.

If you want more information on these workshops or you have a particular question, click here.

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