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Firewalking Testimonial

C.F. Translator.

Imagine you travel for 12 hours in a rollercoaster of positive emotions that gets better and better after each curve, each ascend and each descend. This was the 21st of March Firewalking session. The day couldn’t be more appropriate because you literally “spring into spring”. After this Firewalking session I felt powerful, energetic, focused and more alive than ever. If there is anything in your life you want to achieve, if you have doubts regarding your options in life or simply if you need a boost of energy, happiness and positive attitude, this does the magic. The high impact techniques were intense, powerful and extremely rewarding for me because I discovered strengths I never thought I had. The group activities were challenging and emotional. The whole session was deep, intense and yet fun. Thank you Macarena and team for your energy and professionalism.

S.H. European Commission Civil Servant.

It was difficult to imagine what type of personal development course could possibly be so well organised that for 12 hours you could be immersed in the activities and not see the time go by and never once be bored……the fire walking seminar organised by EDP coaching is a first class experience in personal development. I thoroughly enjoyed my day. Firstly, it was extremely well organised- I could tell that every last, tiny detail regarding the activities, techniques and accompanying messages was well thought out and carefully planned. The added extra touch of a professional photographer who was not intrusive, but who at the same time managed to provide some amazingly appropriate and personal photographs was an unexpected and much appreciated memento of the day. Secondly, the coach Macarena openly and honestly engaged with each one of us. Particularly during difficult or challenging moments or techniques, I personally felt her total commitment to helping me to success. Her energy, sincerity and talent shone throughout the day. Finally, the day left me feeling energised and ready to re-launch and re-invent myself. It filled me with greater hope and nearly one month later, I’m still savouring and digesting elements of that remarkable, uplifting day. Thank you to Macarena and her fabulous team.

I.G.P. European Parliament Civil Servant.

I have undergone one of the most enriching experiences of my life. I have learnt how to manage the fears which until today blocked me and prevented me from bringing the best in me to the light. The training has given me the tools to manage my emotions better and, above all, an absolute security that I can achieve everything proposed to me. Goodbye to my self-limitations and fears. A thousand thanks Macarena.

A.L. Technician in Spanish Autonomous Community in Brussels.

The high impact techniques helped me to cross the space that exists between thinking about things that I can do and really doing them. Trying to do things that at first sight seem impossible or achievable with difficulty. To think often, “This I cannot do”, and to be aware that suddenly it is a question of trying and especially of believing in it. It is like touching a thought. I always think of my limitations and especially the emotional ones, ‘I will not be able to do it’, I do not know if I would be able to…’and you have a physical challenge that provokes in you the same reactions and as the environment is in your favour, you try and you do it. Suddenly, you have crossed the empty space between thinking about doing and doing. As easy as this.

S.P. Coach

The day before the course was full of fear and I thought “What horrible thing am I going to do?” I was fearful and I was not feeling secure about what was going to happen. But then I thought about you, Macarena, and you had told me that I must not think of fear but participate with curiosity and that I would not be obliged to do anything I did not want to do. During the course I was ready not to do the exercises since they appeared to me (excuse me …) a little crazy. But throughout the course we had a type of dialogue with each other and the will to change and to do something to break with our limiting beliefs. It is so strong that it made me do everything with an internal energy and belief in myself which I never thought I had! At the end of the day I thought myself to be a superwoman! Each time that I think about what I did in your course, I feel full of energy and super- positiveness: if I managed to do all that with all that I really want! I felt much more confident and today, weeks after the course, I continue to feel the same! The course was very well designed, the exercises very successful and the coach brilliant given that to have 25 participants of different nationalities is not easy but it was done with professionalism and with an incredible positive energy. I was also charmed by the group – very interesting and very amusing!.

V.P. Director General of Autonomous Community Delegation.

The seminar showed me the great power of the mind, the importance which personal conviction has in what you can do and achieve everything that you set yourself. And that you visualise it in the plank of wood that you have to break, in the broken glass on which you have to walk, in the arrow that you have to break and in the hot coals on which you have to walk. There were people at the seminar who at the start of the day thought it impossible to do everything. But finally they did. In my case, I was convinced at the seminar that I would break the plank and walk on the hot coals with no problems. If the others can, why not me? I guess it was the same process that others experienced in the seminar. Seeing that others are succeeding.

There was a technique, the arrow, that frightened me, at the beginning I was afraid. Even knowing that others did it before was not enough to dissipate my worry and fear. The gap between being afraid to do it, this process of overcoming the fear is the real learning. Being convinced that you are going to do these techniques reaffirms you to do a technique about which you had been afraid, makes you learn. My biggest learning when I achieved the feared technique was focussing. Focussing on an objective You cannot focus your mind on your fear and your objective. If you just focus on your objective, your fear disappears. It’s like magic. In a fraction of a second you pass from being afraid to focussing your mind and accomplishing the technique. It’s like a click. A click of one second that makes you achieve everything that you want. You know that if you are able to overcome your fear regarding something, you will be able to beat it again in other situations or challenges. My learning was that the answer is focussing. This focussing is something that when you experience it, you note it, and when others are doing the techniques, you see the focussing in their faces. Generally you know perfectly who is going to succeed the technique and who won’t. I later transposed this technique of learning to focus to other situations like vital questions (what are you going to do in your life) to day-to-day work (long lists of tasks to do – the answer is focussing).

There are even techniques that you enjoy. I walked on the burning coals four times!! It was a great feeling. It is strange how something unknown makes you afraid, but when you are doing it you see it as something agreeable, something that gives you a deep satisfaction. And I’m going to do it again and again. A situation can change from being intimidating to another situation, like a fish in water.

R.J. Consultancy Manager.

Above all, the seminar was something positive for me. The workshop ‘Beyond your expectations” is exactly that, go in search of answer and find the way of opining doors, windows and in some case ‘the safe’. How? With little theory, with internal strength which you do not know that you have got but that the result will be there, to use it to go and leave aside fears, prejudices and doubts.

C.L. Humanitarian Agent.

Thanks again for this spectacular day. I arrived at the seminar ready to allow myself to go for the challenge of Firewalking because of your energy, liveliness and force. You give out confidence and accompany very well. It was a satisfaction for me to manage to do all the physical activities; they gave me confidence and strength and I have an action plan to obtain my goals. The exercises are diverse and carried out well, representing successive stages on the path towards the chosen goal. At the end of the day, I had energy and a lot of self-confidence. I feel fulfilled. Again, thank you.

C. Rubio A-P. Civil Servant European Commission.

This seminar surprised me with the power, vitality and energy brought to all the participants. I have been able to obtain a new focus on my life. I have brought out the best of myself and optimised the resources I have the most. Furthermore, I have exploited my passions and have been made to share my experiences, raising them to another dimension. This seminar made me see that everything can be changed because everything is inside us. It has also served to liven up my life, above all in areas where before it was sad and painful. Everyone should do this seminar at least once in life. It is very important to know who you really are and where you want to go and, above all, to know why you are here so that you do things. It also served me in order to discover all the good that I have inside me. The experience has been a great ascent and very, very emotional. I have been able to overcome my challenge. It is a course where you can find the same within you and consequently be able to achieve what you are proposing. It is a course where you can find yourself. You can meet people who have a value and an energy that makes you vibrate. Simply brilliant! It appeared to me as an extraordinary experience. I was able to be conscious of the power. I am still in a state of assimilation and now I tell myself frequently that limits no longer exist. What is the most valuable thing that I took away? That I can! Because limits do not exist and because the strength and energy are inside me. I very much felt the emotion and shivers at the achievement of my dreams. To find the state that I need, to vibrate, to be moved, to shiver. I know what I want, I know that I can do it and that it is achievable.The energy has flowed from my brain and left me with strength.

M.I. Coach

I must thank you for all of the encouragement you gave me and the very good and professional atmosphere you created during the seminar. The other participants were marvellous, and your kind and direct way of leading each and every person to confront his/her limits was also – in a larger sense – a reflection on the “human condition”.