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Discover the etymology and the origin of Coaching.

….You have heard of people speaking of Coaching for many years, but what really is Coaching?

It is not:

  • … A psychological process insofar as a therapy gives support to individuals who need professional help to overcome certain problems or malfunctions. It works on the emotions and explores resistance or blockages which can be associated with past events.
  • … A process of consultancy insofar as a consultant advises and guides his client through the opinions he gives out on the preoccupations of the client.

It is:

  • …”A process of reflection in which you start from the actual situation to reach a desired situation and in a determined time”
  • “The two fundamental aspects of the process are: the client becoming aware of his own situation and taking final responsibility in the form of actions he decides to take to realize concrete professional and personal objectives”.
  • In comparison with psychology, the Coaching process is situated between the present and the future, not by turning over episodes of the past which could have been the causes of the psychological traumas of an individual, but by extracting all his potential and leaning on his own resources to allow him to attain his objectives in a concrete period of time.
  • By comparison with consultancy, the coach does not guide nor advise the client, the actions of the latter being the fruit of his own reflection.


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