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V.P. Director General of Autonomous Community Delegation.

The seminar showed me the great power of the mind, the importance which personal conviction has in what you can do and achieve everything that you set yourself. And that you visualise it in the plank of wood that you have to break, in the broken glass on which you have to walk, in the arrow that you have to break and in the hot coals on which you have to walk. There were people at the seminar who at the start of the day thought it impossible to do everything. But finally they did. In my case, I was convinced at the seminar that I would break the plank and walk on the hot coals with no problems. If the others can, why not me? I guess it was the same process that others experienced in the seminar. Seeing that others are succeeding.

There was a technique, the arrow, that frightened me, at the beginning I was afraid. Even knowing that others did it before was not enough to dissipate my worry and fear. The gap between being afraid to do it, this process of overcoming the fear is the real learning. Being convinced that you are going to do these techniques reaffirms you to do a technique about which you had been afraid, makes you learn. My biggest learning when I achieved the feared technique was focussing. Focussing on an objective You cannot focus your mind on your fear and your objective. If you just focus on your objective, your fear disappears. It’s like magic. In a fraction of a second you pass from being afraid to focussing your mind and accomplishing the technique. It’s like a click. A click of one second that makes you achieve everything that you want. You know that if you are able to overcome your fear regarding something, you will be able to beat it again in other situations or challenges. My learning was that the answer is focussing. This focussing is something that when you experience it, you note it, and when others are doing the techniques, you see the focussing in their faces. Generally you know perfectly who is going to succeed the technique and who won’t. I later transposed this technique of learning to focus to other situations like vital questions (what are you going to do in your life) to day-to-day work (long lists of tasks to do – the answer is focussing).

There are even techniques that you enjoy. I walked on the burning coals four times!! It was a great feeling. It is strange how something unknown makes you afraid, but when you are doing it you see it as something agreeable, something that gives you a deep satisfaction. And I’m going to do it again and again. A situation can change from being intimidating to another situation, like a fish in water.

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