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Firewalking Testimonial

S.V. Housewife.

For weeks I have not stopped thinking about the Firewalking seminar. I saw tears running throughout the day. It was an especially important day in my 61 years. Not much theory and a lot of practical applications. I was proud to break the plank (20mm) in a single blow. We could hear hearts beating when one of us walked on broken glass in a silent and magical world. Walking on the hot coals was really the culmination of a day of concentration. Now we have the will, we have a path which will lead us to reach our dreams…the path to liberty.

I.B. Official of a Spanish Autonomous Community Delegation in Brussels.

I put myself down for the course that Macarena was organizing without knowing exactly what I was going to encountered and what would be the resulting experience. Macarena gave me a lot of security and her motivation stimulated me to accompany her in this experience. I was a day entirely full of unforgettable experiences. At no time did I feel forced to do anything. I alone was going to advance in the direction pointed out thanks to the inner force that I myself was going to bring to my actions. I was positively resolved towards each one of the suggested exercises. From the beginning, Macarena accompanied without imposing: breaking the plank of wood with a hand, breaking the arrow, walking on broken glass and finally walking on burning coals…understooding that all our strength is inside us, in our minds… and also our limitations…When I arrived I was leaning on a crutch, when I finished I realized that I had forgotten it for the first time for several weeks of always carrying it with me!!. What a great experience !! Now a path begins which probably not be easy but if very motivated…I am very very happy.

B.R. Civil Servant of the European Commission

Yet again I arrive late, always running. Work, children, messages… and now the traffic jam. It seems that it is here. Yes, I have arrived. How strange, I never imagined that she would have lived in a place like this. But, …; What a very strange door. It is ….how heavy it is. It is very dark, but it seems familiar, I feel at home. At the back a voice…
Hello, Why didn’t you come before?. I have been waiting for you so long?
I have been very busy
Don’t worry, The important thing is that you have come. I have a present for you from Macarena
It is a crumpled piece of paper, what is written on it?
Read it aloud please.
Ok: “All you need is inside you, your potential is unlimited. You are the protagonist of your life and what you make of it depends on you. You have infinite possibilities in your hand. Dare to dream. Live life with passion, with curiosity. Never stop learning and enjoying new things. Dare to leave your comfort zone and enter the magic zone where marvellous things can happen to you. Surround yourself with people who enliven life. Get rid of everything that stops you advancing, of your negative and limiting thoughts. Live in the present moment. Live connected with your soul and the Universe. Follow your intuition.”
Very interesting…but, where are you? Where did you go? Why have you given this to me?. B.H. European Commission Civil Servant.

J.U. Director of a Pharmaceutical company.

A valuable experience to better know yourself and recover all resources that we all have inside to believe in ourselves. Now and again in life it is very good to take some moments of reflection to know where you are. It was also useful to know what I have inside that is preventing me from being happy.

A.C. Director of European Company.

I valued the mix of techniques and tools which you have put at our disposition to use when we are able/want/ are prepared. Thank you for the organisation and energy you transmitted. In other words, I thank you so much for your support, strength and the enthusiasm and dedication shown to us throughout the day. It was a complete teaching of positiveness.

T.L. Director of an Electrical Company in Brussels.

At first it appeared to me that a whole day would be too long but finally the time passed very quickly and the fact of being there all day means what you learn, remains over time. The idea of having teams seemed magnificent to me. We can clearly see your experience and if you accompany us with your passion, the results will be assured. It is true that people responded very well but nothing is assured if the Coach does not know how guide them. As in a flock there can be lost sheep but you drove them to the sheepfold very well. I enjoyed your naturalness although being aware of the preparatory work that was behind it.