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C. Rubio A-P. Civil Servant European Commission.

This seminar surprised me with the power, vitality and energy brought to all the participants. I have been able to obtain a new focus on my life. I have brought out the best of myself and optimised the resources I have the most. Furthermore, I have exploited my passions and have been made to share my experiences, raising them to another dimension. This seminar made me see that everything can be changed because everything is inside us. It has also served to liven up my life, above all in areas where before it was sad and painful. Everyone should do this seminar at least once in life. It is very important to know who you really are and where you want to go and, above all, to know why you are here so that you do things. It also served me in order to discover all the good that I have inside me. The experience has been a great ascent and very, very emotional. I have been able to overcome my challenge. It is a course where you can find the same within you and consequently be able to achieve what you are proposing. It is a course where you can find yourself. You can meet people who have a value and an energy that makes you vibrate. Simply brilliant! It appeared to me as an extraordinary experience. I was able to be conscious of the power. I am still in a state of assimilation and now I tell myself frequently that limits no longer exist. What is the most valuable thing that I took away? That I can! Because limits do not exist and because the strength and energy are inside me. I very much felt the emotion and shivers at the achievement of my dreams. To find the state that I need, to vibrate, to be moved, to shiver. I know what I want, I know that I can do it and that it is achievable.The energy has flowed from my brain and left me with strength.

Social and emotional intelligence Firewalking Professional certified coach