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C.F. Translator.

Imagine you travel for 12 hours in a rollercoaster of positive emotions that gets better and better after each curve, each ascend and each descend. This was the 21st of March Firewalking session. The day couldn’t be more appropriate because you literally “spring into spring”. After this Firewalking session I felt powerful, energetic, focused and more alive than ever. If there is anything in your life you want to achieve, if you have doubts regarding your options in life or simply if you need a boost of energy, happiness and positive attitude, this does the magic. The high impact techniques were intense, powerful and extremely rewarding for me because I discovered strengths I never thought I had. The group activities were challenging and emotional. The whole session was deep, intense and yet fun. Thank you Macarena and team for your energy and professionalism.

Social and emotional intelligence Firewalking Professional certified coach